The 5th ICSE 2023

The 5th International Conference on Special Education (ICSE) emerges
as a platform to address these challenges and pave the way for
Disability-Inclusive Education Recovery where this conference serves as a symbol of optimism, advocating for the rights and potential of every learner, irrespective of their abilities or backgrounds. In the face of various challenges, our shared commitment to establishing inclusive and equitable educational opportunities for learners with special educational needs remains resolute. This fifth conference featured the theme “Gearing Towards Disability-Inclusive Education Recovery” and was supported by seven (7) sub-themes including six (6) workshop sessions.

With this theme, we explore into the critical aspects of inclusive
education recovery, uncovering innovative strategies, transformative
ideas and collaborative efforts to advance disability-inclusive practices. Within this context, the 5th ICSE Conference offers a distinctive opportunity for educators and stakeholders in Special Education to convene, share perspectives and engage in transformative discussions.

We envision this gathering as a space where research-based practices,
innovative models in teaching and learning and best practices will be
disseminated, enriching the lives of learners with special educational
needs. As we embark on this transformative quest, we stand in unity,
steadfastly committed to the vision of a world where every child,
regardless of their abilities, finds a place to thrive and succeed.