4 OCTOBER 2023

0730 – 0830Registration
0830 – 0850Presentation by UNESCO

Speaker: Mdm. Catherine Wilczek
Topic: Teaching in Emergencies: An Online Course for Teachers of Learners with Disabilities
0850 -1050Plenary Session I
Venue: Lecture Theatre 21 & 22

Keynote: Dr. Kenji Kuno, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Topic: School Closure and Learning Loss

Plenary Speaker: Mdm. Salmah Jopri, Ministry of Education, Malaysia
Topic: Assessing Learning Levels

Plenary Speaker: Dr. Aija Rinkinen, World Bank
Topic: Increasing Catch-up Learning
1050 – 1100Arrival of Guest of Honour
1100 – 1300Opening Ceremony
Venue: Lecture Theatre 21 & 22
1300 – 1430Lunch
Venue: The Grand Hall
1430 – 16301st iDIEC 2023 JUDGING SESSION
Venue: The Grand Hall

Concurrent Session I (9 rooms)
Venue: Basement Ground, Block A
●       6 rooms = Paper Presentation
●       3 rooms = Workshop Session
1630 – 1700Afternoon Tea Break and Conference
Venue: The Grand Hall
Adjourned for Day 1

5 OCTOBER 2023

0830 – 1030Plenary Session II
Venue: Lecture Theatre 21 & 22
Keynote: Ms. Ami Tango-Limketkai, Perkins School For The Blind
Topic: Reaching Every Child and Retaining Them in School
Plenary Speaker: Ms.Catherine Wilczek, UNESCO
Topic: Prioritizing Teaching
Plenary Speaker: Mdm. Nur Hidayah Mohamed Ibrahim, Ministry of Health Malaysia
Topic: Developing Psychosocial Health and Well-being
1030 – 1100Morning Tea Break
Venue: The Grand Hall
1100 – 1300Plenary Session III
Venue: Lecture Theatre 21 & 22
Keynote: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sharifah Mariam Aljunied, Ministry of Education, Singapore
Topic: Education Transformation
Plenary Speaker: Raja Azmi Adam, Google For Education Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei
Topic: Digital Learning
Plenary Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wong Meng Ee, Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Topic: Alternative Teaching and Learning Method
1300 – 1400Lunch
Venue: The Grand Hall
1400 – 1530Concurrent Session II (8 rooms)
Venue: Basement Ground, Block A
●       5 rooms = Paper Presentation
●       2 rooms = Workshop Session
1530 – 1600Afternoon Tea Break
Venue: The Grand Hall
1530 – 1700Closing
Venue: Lecture Theatre 21 & 22

1. Presentation of Award for 1st Innovation for Disability-Inclusive Education Competition 2023 (iDIEC)
2. Closing Ceremony